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Clovetrix is a consulting firm providing Software as a Service (SaaS)
and consulting specialising in Salesforce solutions.

Make Clovetrix your Salesforce partner for digital transformation.


Experts, Analysts, Developers

Clovetrix is led by a team of Salesforce specialists dedicated to unlocking your organisation's
full potential We offer real-world knowledge from first-hand experience. Benefit from a combined
40+ years of Salesforce Development Expertise. Break away from old systems that no longer serve your business. We will guide you to the best strategy and technology to help you excel in your market and advance over the competition.


SaaS Product Build

  • Policy administration and enterprise systems via seamless API integration.

  • CRM, Wholesale, Aggregator & Customer Portals.

  • Salesforce design, development and delivery.

Advisory and Consulting

  • Capitalise on new emerging technologies to drive product and service enhancement.

  • Technical due diligence and strategic and operations review.

  • Analysis, design and readiness for Lloyds Blueprint 2.0.

Administration and Support

  • Operational resources to process administrative tasks

  • Dedicated tech maintenance and support packages

  • Tools and personnel for project management and comprehensive testing

Case Studies

Insurtech Start-up
Turnkey Solution

A cutting edge Cyber Insurance MGA proposition needed a go to market strategy. Clovetrix assisted with the fundraising, insurance capacity deployment, and underlying technology infrastructure.We provided end to end MGA infrastructure including a cloud based policy administration platform and API connectivity to the ML/AI software and third party vendors.

Operational Review and
Underwriting Administration

Clovetrix worked in conjunction with a medium sized insurer to analyse its profitability. We identified operational inefficiencies across underwriting and policy administration with a significant detriment to its expense ratio. Clovetrix designed and implemented a near /offshore outsourced model running a fully virtual operational unit improving the overall service to the end customer whilst significantly reducing the cost base.

White Label Insurance
Distribution Channel

A large retail organisation distributed insurance and warranty products through in person sales, over the phone and website sales. The key challenges they faced were matching the correct products with customer requirements and pricing accurately and quickly. Clovetrix carried out a diligence of their retail and insurance operations and designed a whitelabel digital solution integrating it with their EPOS system automating product selection based on customer characteristics and automating policy issuance and data flow with their insurance partners. This improved their HIT ratio whilst eliminating manual processes and improving transparence with the insurance providers.

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